Community's Fight

For a community to eliminate graffiti vandalism they must develop a zero tolerance attitude. This attitude will come naturally to a community who's educated in the importance of timely graffiti removal. Network with others in your area to find a group of people with an interest in eliminating graffiti. The group you choose must have a core goal of educating their community. The three most important points of education are as follows:  residents, parents and the youth. Residents should be educated on the importance of reporting and removing graffiti within 24-48 hours. The residents should also be encouraged to support or participate in the removal and elimination of graffiti in the community by joining your fight. Parents should be educated about the significant impact they can have on the activities of their children. Supportive parents who provide easy access to positive activities can help prevent their child(ren) from becoming involved in graffiti vandalism. The youth must be educated on how graffiti vandalism is a crime and will be treated as such. Helping the youth have a better understanding of how the entire community is effected by graffiti vandalism will help stem their  future participation or accusation in graffiti vandalism. Once you have a nice group of like minded volunteers, it's time to solidify a plan to deal with graffiti.

A solid plan should include the following.

  • Educating the entire community on the seriousness of having graffiti removed within 24 hours.
  • A proper graffiti analysis to create a profile of the vandal. Sometimes you can get an idea of the type of tagger by the style of the tag. Graffiti crews (A group of friends/graffiti vandals) tend to put up bigger bubble/block style graffiti with their crew's abbreviations somewhere on the tag. Crews put up massive pieces and work in numbers, so their vandalism can be expensive and hard to overcome. A bomber is usually a single vandal from a crew or just solo/oners, who puts up multiple tags in a community overnight. A bomber's tag generally looks like a very fast paced handwriting. Gang affiliates tags are normally not artistic at all, their tags are use simply to mark territory or disrespect to rivals.     
  • A database to log information about graffiti (i.e. photos, locations, style, removal costs) This is very easy to do by creating a community graffiti prevention Facebook page. Facebook will also allow others to upload photos and information about any new graffiti spotted in the area.
  • An active collaboration with law enforcement. When you regularly update police with information about new vandalism they can focus their effort to the area with biggest problem. 
  • Graffiti spotters to monitor and report new graffiti to the group and police regularly.
  • An active relationship with a professional graffiti removal company. When you have an active relationship with a graffiti removal service you can get better graffiti removal rates for your community.