Local Government's Responsibility.          

Local Government should make the eradication of graffiti one of its top priorities. Reviewing and updating the current city ordinances and fines involving graffiti vandalism to reflect their new zero tolerance attitude. The new laws should address the following: timely removal of graffiti, civil penalties and regulations on the sale of spray paint in stores. The local government should be actively enforcing laws regarding timely graffiti removal. Property owners who choose not to have graffiti removed in a timely manner should face fines in ordinance with local law. Civil penalties for graffiti vandals must reflect the zero tolerance attitude. A graffiti vandals first offense may receive a fine for the total amount of the damage, second offense maybe the fine plus probation, third offense should include all the above plus jail time. Local government should also enforce regulations on the sale of spray paint in stores. Regulations should state all spray paint must be in a locked display cage as well as being prohibited to sale to a minor.

 Some of the ways local government can help eliminate graffiti include the following.

  • Encouraging businesses and property owners to remove graffiti and take care of their property in ordinance with local laws.

  • Make certain private properties are looked after in ordinance with local laws.

  • Promote the importance of removing graffiti in 24hrs.

  • Encourage the local communities to actively get involved in a local community graffiti prevention database. (A local graffiti prevention Facebook page run by volunteers.)

Establish a relationship with a single graffiti removal service that understands the importance of graffiti prevention.