The police's position.

Most citizens are shocked at how small a part the police play in a complex graffiti prevention strategy. The police are responsible for identifying and bringing graffiti vandals to justice. However, most graffiti vandalism investigations are fruitless due to the lack of information about a suspect's description. This is where working together with the local citizens and community graffiti prevention volunteers can be very helpful. Local citizens and community graffiti prevention volunteers will inform the police of any descriptions or information to aid in bringing vandals to justice. The best tool police have to prevent graffiti is concerned citizens. When the local police force has a dedicated task force to deal with graffiti they'll see an increase in arrest and convictions. The local graffiti task force should have and promote a graffiti reporting hotline. A graffiti reporting hotline will allow citizens to report instantly to the police any new graffiti as it's spotted, thus allowing the graffiti task force to investigate graffiti tags as soon as they appear. However, a citizen shouldn't approach a vandal if caught in the act, simply write down a detailed description of the graffiti vandal and any other helpful information (vehicle description, direction departed) and report it to the police. When the police is regularly updated of any new vandalism it helps them focus their efforts in graffiti hotspots.

Some of the things local police may consider to help eliminate graffiti are as follows.

  • Assembly a graffiti task force.

  • Regularly patrol graffiti hotspots.

  • Create an easy way for the citizens to report graffiti vandalism.

  •  Work with the local graffiti prevention volunteers to help bring awareness to the community about the importance of reporting graffiti.

  • Enforce curfew laws for minors.

Spread awareness that they will not tolerate graffiti vandalism and all vandals will be brought to justice.

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