Damaged by the graffiti...... removal.

When you're looking around for a service to remove graffiti it's important to remember that a low price is not nearly as important as reputation. Companies who lack graffiti removal experience can actually cause major damage with some of the methods used to remove graffiti. This is something you don't have to worry about when you allow My Graffiti Removal Guy to serve all your graffiti removal needs. In the pictures below you can see the permanent damage caused by companies that lacked graffiti removal experience and use improper removal methods.

Gaffiti removal with a grinder

The picture above shows the permanent damage caused by a wire wheel attached to a grinder. Notice how you can still make out some of the letters? This is because the individual who removed this graffiti simply went over the areas with the wire wheel until no spray paint was visible. Unfortunately  they removed the face of the brick as well, exposing the lighter color of the inside of the brick. Unless this wall has some major masonry restoration it will remain this way for the building's exsitance.

Pressure washer etching from removing graffiti.

The picture of the brick above used to have the neighbor kid's artwork until someone who lacked experience used a pressure washer to remove it. Now the artwork is permanently etched into the surface. The home owner mentioned that it looked good when it was still wet, but once it dried the spot never went away. This is because the frosty look to this type of brick tends to disappear as it gets wet. With the frosty look on the surface gone all the person thought they was removing was the graffiti, once everything dried you could see they removed the frosty look as well.