Graffiti problems...... solved.

Do you need graffiti removed? Well you've come to the right place. My Graffiti Removal Guy is a graffiti removal specialist servicing Detroit, and surrounding areas. With over 20k square feet of graffiti removal experience, My Graffiti Removal Guy can be trusted to solve mostly any graffiti problem you may be experiencing.

Until recently most victims of graffiti vandalism just relied on an inexperienced handyman who generally used methods that permanently damage the surface, causing the need for extensive repair work that can easily amount to ten times the cost of the removal. When you choose a trusted graffiti removal specialist like My Graffiti Removal Guy, you never have to worry about having your property's surface damage by harsh removal methods. My Graffiti Removal Guy is happy to do a free sample area for all new customers. This allows you to see the results yourself before making any commitment.

Graffiti removal ind Detroit, by My Graffiti Removal Guy

My Graffiti Removal Guy also offers an anti-graffiti coating. With this coating you can maintain a virtually invisible protective barrier that will protect your building's surface against graffiti for seven years. The coating is a sacrificial wax polymer that makes future graffiti removal easier, needing only hot pressurized water to remove. My Graffiti Removal Guy highly recommends having all graffiti prone areas coated, especially if you have a reoccurring graffiti problem. If you’re tagged again on a protected surface, call My Graffiti Removal Guy within 72 hours and you’ll save 40% the total cost of removal and re-protection.

My Graffiti Removal Guy also provides recommendations to all of our clients to help reduce, and possibly eliminate their graffiti problem. Repetitive graffiti removals can get costly over time, and you also risk the surface being etched or discolored with harsh, repetitive techniques used for removal. Following our recommendations will lower your graffiti removal costs and protect your building for years to come.