Motion Activated Sprinkler

When we offer suggestions to our clients about what they can do to deter graffiti vandalism around their property, this is the one they want to learn more about. The Motion activated water sprinkler. Since paint needs a dry surface to properly adhere, the motion activated water sprinkler makes a wonderful addition to any anti-graffiti strategy. Some properties have nice flowerbeds along the outside, in areas like that it may be a harder to block the visibility of an area highly targeted by graffiti. A motion activated sprinkler placed out of sight can help by making the surface of the area unfavorable the taggers, along with sending them home feeling hosed.

There are a few different motion activated sprinklers on the market to choose from. My Graffiti Removal Guy recommends the one made by Orbit. The one made by Orbit will allow you to connect as many normal unit to unit sprinklers as you need. This is great because you only need one motion sensor to control multiple sprinklers. The Orbit brand will allow you to set it for day or night use. Since most graffiti vandals work at night, these settings are very useful to save water during the daytime. You can also use a hose bib timer if you choose a motion activated sprinkler without the am/pm setting. Make sure to read to packages well on other sprinklers as they do allow unit to unit connections but the flow through is constant, so you have to have multiples of their units to protect a long wall.