Security Cameras

Most graffiti vandals use the same tag name or logo until they're caught. Due to the lack of information police receive about graffiti vandals most go unidentified for years. Setting up a quality video surveillance system in graffiti hotspots has been known to stem a reoccurring graffiti problems.

Video surveillance acts as a deterrent for graffiti vandals, as a witness for police and security for property owners. If cameras don't deter graffiti vandals, they will help in the identification and prosecution of the offender. Vandals who are found guilty should be required to reimburse property owners  for the cost of graffiti removal.

 When buying a new video surveillance system for graffiti prevention its important to keep the quality of the video in mind. A better picture leads to quicker conviction of the vandal. There are many brands and styles available. My Graffiti Removal Guy recommends high definition indoor/outdoor, day/night security cameras. Hard drive size will depend on how frequently you check your property for graffiti vandalism. My Graffiti Removal Guy recommends 1TB size, which will allow for around a month of record time.

To get the maximum graffiti deterrent power cameras should be used with "Smile You're on camera" signs.