Virginia Creeper

Graffiti removal can be costly for a property plagued with reoccurring graffiti. In some cases property owners may choose to add a climbing vine like the Virginia Creeper to create a natural barrier for graffiti. The Virginia Creeper grows very fast, so it's possible that the problem area can be protected from graffiti in a few months. Vines are a great idea for compound walls that surround a property.  

Whatever vine you choose will require regular attention, as they spread fast and may choke trees or shrubs. My Graffiti Removal Guy suggests to keep all vines trimmed away from windows so you have a clear view of the exterior of your property. Also, be sure to keep the vine trimmed away from unwanted areas like gardens and flowerbeds. Vines can quickly kill other small vegetation if not controlled.  It may be helpful to visit a local nursery to find a vine best suited for your area. If you need to remove the vine start by severing the vine from the root. Once the vine is severed let it dehydrate a few days before trying to remove. When the vine is dehydrated removal will be much easier.